Five Health Advantages to Kayaking

Kayaking is an excellent outdoor sport and the best choice for people who expect to encounter the exceptional outdoors’ pleasures. This notion is based on some people consider kayaking is a combination of a sport and a hobby which popular nowadays. By doing kayaking, you can explore a river or sea on a quiet journey by yourself or with your friend on a tandem kayaking. Kayaking is not only a pleasant activity but also has many advantages for your health. The following are 5 Health Benefits to Kayaking that you need to know.

man kayak

Move Your Entire Body

When you perform kayaking, you automatically move all parts of your body, especially the major muscle groups, including legs, arms, back, stomach, and pelvis. Rowing involves the muscles of the body, either at the top or bottom. As a result, kayaking moves can shape your entire body.

Burn Calories

If you want to burn calories that accumulate in the body, do kayaking! Because this one activity can burn as many as 400 calories at a speed of 3 to 5 miles per hour. Several studies have also stated that rowing like a regular kayak can help burn calories in your body faster than biking.

Increase Your Body Strength

As mentioned, kayaking is relying on both of your hands to paddle. Well, do you know that the right rowing will create high strength in your body? Besides being healthy, your hands will also get used to doing strenuous activities such as lifting weights.

Make Your Bone Joints Flexible

The lack of physical exercise will make joint bone wear and make your body ache quickly. Therefore, before that happens, you have to train. One of the activities that will make your joints more flexible is to do kayaking. If you practice regularly, kayaking will help increase joint fluid production to be used to lubricate bone joints.

Prevent Stress and Shrinkage

For those who are easily depressed and stressed, there’s no harm in taking time to kayak. Because water sports are carried out in the natural areas, your mind and body will relax after surrounded by city complexes and hectic activities. Especially when you rowing, you will find beautiful scenes that directly calm the mind and body.

Moreover, the study shows that physical activities, such as kayaking or hiking, help keep your mind sharp. Also, they help avoid the shrinkage of the hippocampus, which later affects your memory. New exercises and experiences can help to boost the memory and to keep it fit.